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Novels by
Erin Wade

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Dark Justice
Book #2 Garden of Eden

Kobo Preview

When Courtney Southerland's career suffers an unexpected blow, she is determined to prove that she is the best in the business. Accepting an assignment she doubts is achievable, she relies on the innate goodness of her young wife Sage to steer them in a new and dangerous undertaking. Packed with action, romance and suspense, Dark Justice: Book #2 - Garden of Eden will keep you on the edge of your seat cheering for the lovers and their determination to do the right thing.

Riding the Storm
Audio 7hrs.11min

The air seared my lungs as I gasped for breath running to reach her before the armed men did. I urged my legs to move faster praying I would be in time.
   Jumping from one rooftop to another, I was certain I was breaking speed records and my lungs would burst any second. I landed on the flat surface where she was standing facing the door that would open any minute and spill onto the roof the death squad commissioned to kill her.
   Without breaking stride, I continued charging toward her and prayed the chopper pilot’s computer watch was perfectly synced with mine. I started counting down. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, I was almost to her, three, she turned to face me, two I hit her hard wrapping my arms around her, and I plunged both of us off the roof.
   “One,” I screamed into her ear as she clutched me wrapping her arms and legs around my body freeing my hands to catch the rope dangling from the passing helicopter.
   “Who the hell are you?” She growled.
   “Kensley Storm,” I gasped as I clipped the rope to my harness. “What’s your name?
“Regina, Regina Ryder. What took you so
   “Saving beautiful women is not my top priority.” I said into her ear. “I had to save a puppy along the way.”
   She threw her head back and laughed. One of those sultry throaty laughs that made you know she would be dynamite in bed.

Dark Justice
Book #1 God's Canyon
Audio 9 hrs. 21 minutes

30 Consecutive Days as
#1 New Release.
2022 Firebird Award Winner
Award-winning producer Courtney Southerland turned down lucrative career opportunities to learn the truth about the legend of Palo Duro Canyon. Determined to track the famous Black Panther and the girl that had been seen with it, Court devoted two years of her life living in caves and tents as she tracked the pair through the second largest canyon in the United States. She was about to relegate the panther’s legend to the category of Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster when the girl appeared from nowhere to save her life.
Also available in our Young Adult Series
Dark Justice Young Adult Series
Book #1 God's Canyon
Suitable for Young Adults







Haunting Vanity - Short Story
Erin's offer for the Halloween
Season. Twenty-five-year-old Vanity Chase had the world by the tail. She had just released her first single record and it was shooting to the top of the charts. She was poised to be country music’s next darling and nothing could stop her.
Vanity had it all: long blonde hair, perfect figure, beautiful face, and a voice the angels envied. She knew she was the whole package.
As she drove home, she mentally ran through the list of things she had procured for her birthday party at the apartment clubhouse. The band was set up and ready to go. The caterer was arranging the buffet tables around the party room, cases of beer, wine, and whiskey were stacked behind the bar, and her manager had scored some primo (joints of weed laced with cocaine) for her and her friends. Yep, this is gonna' be one hell of a party, she thought as she drove to her apartment.
She hoped Pam was home and getting ready. She hated it when they both ended up in the bathroom trying to take a shower at the same time. I really need to cut Pam loose, she thought. I’m certainly not taking her to Nashville with me.
Yes, Vanity's life was perfect, or was it.


Mardi Gras Ghost
Audio 7hrs.22min

A Lesbian, Action Adventure Romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat and cheering for Java Jarvis and her team at SKIRT. When women are murdered during Mardi Gras for the third year in a row New Orleans Police Lieutenant Beau Braxton calls in the women of SKIRT. The FBI’s Serial Killers Investigative Resolution Team consisted of five beautiful FBI agents and was directed by Special Agents Java Jarvis and her wife Kat Lace. Working undercover the team had a one hundred percent success rate and was only pressed into action when others failed, and local authorities requested their assistance. Java and Kat discover that murder is one of the nicer things perpetrated by a well organized group participating in human trafficking, porn, snuff films and abduction by request. When wealthy Avery Ricard a beautiful plantation owner sets her sights on Kat, Java pulls out all the stops to keep her wife and to keep NOLA citizens safe. Join Java, Kat, their dog Ares and the entire SKIRT team as they love, laugh and hunt down the bad guys.


The Table Between Us
Audio - 2hrs 23 min.

One reviewer said, "I really enjoyed The Table Between Us. Wow. For a short book it sure packs a lot of action. Romance. Restaurant Management. Law Enforcement and Thugs. All wrapped up in one quick read." Lesfic author Erin Wade combines humor and action in this Christmas Short Story as Cody Preston and Renn Summers navigate life after college. They’ve had each other’s backs since they were four. Suddenly they face a life where Renn is a U.S. Marshal and Cody is a budding restaurateur struggling to put her establishment on the map. You will laugh with them and cry for them as they recover from the blows life deals them but they keep on swinging. You will love the fast action of their adventures in life and their misadventures in love. Sexy, lesbian action & adventure. Humorous.


The Trinket
A Short Story

This  short story by Erin Wade is karma at its finest. When a Gypsy promises Eva Mora a magic trinket if she will raise the Gypsy's son, Eva agrees. Not for the trinket, but because she had fallen in love with the baby boy. Eva has no concept of the trinket's power or what she may be called upon to do to ensure the boy's happiness and safety. When beautiful Nicole Windsor appears in Eva's life the trinket takes on an entirely different meaning and significance.


Barbed Wire
Audio - 7 hrs 26 min.

Erin Wade's historical lesbian novel is set in West Texas where cattle & oil were king and men were masters of their fate. A woman didn't have a chance of making it in the straight shooting, fast riding, hard drinking world of the Texas cowboy or did she? A novel about a love so forbidden it wasn't even whispered. A heroine so unlikely she wasn't believed. Wade's newest novel scorches the Texas badlands and runs over hearts like a herd of Texas Longhorns. This action-packed thriller will remind you why Erin Wade is the #1 International Bestselling Lesbian author in the action/adventure field. Almost too hot to handle.

A Woman to Die For
Available on Audio - 5hrs-52min

Katie Brandt was like no woman Shay had ever met. She was brilliant, funny, gorgeous, exciting, sexy as hell and she made Shay’s blood boil. She made Shay feel things she’d never felt before.
Katie’s estranged husband described her as, “Not your run-of-the-mill genius, but universe-bending genius. Her mind works in mysterious ways. Ways we can’t fathom or comprehend. Ways that are sometimes violent and dangerous—sometimes self-destructive. She borders on insanity.” Katie Brandt was beautiful, determined and brilliant. She held a doctoral degree in electrical engineering and in computer science from MIT. Shay often felt like she was spending time with two different women. Was David right? Did Katie play skip rope with that thin line between genius and madness?

The Littlest Werewolf
Available on Audio - 2hrs-39 min.
Short Story

Put into the witness protection program medical doctor Haven Langley is hidden in a veterinarian clinic In Sugar Land, TX. On her way home one night she saves a small Yorkie from a pack of vicious dogs. She pets and soothes the trembling little guy, and both fall asleep in her bed. Haven is surprised to be awakened the next morning by a small boy pulling the covers off her asking to be fed. She searches every room in her house but can’t find the Yorkie. Things heat up when hired killer Nova Norton appears on the scene to collect the bounty placed on Haven’s head by a New York crime boss. Can Federal Marshall Genesis Adams keep her witness alive long enough to put criminals behind bars? For suspense, laughter and romance check out Bestselling Author Erin Wade’s new lesbian short story designed to entertain you.

Cupid's Crossbow

Short Story

 Cupid, Brooke is given the task of finding a soulmate for thirty-year old Detective Drew Darwin. Things go awry when Brooke is forced to use a crossbow instead of the usual bow and arrow she has used for centuries. A miss-fired arrow results in an unacceptable pairing of the pretty detective and her suitor. Drew finds herself in love with the most unlikely person in the world as Brooke frantically searches for a way to undo the harm she has done. You'll laugh and gasp your way through Erin Wade's lesfic offering in celebration of Valentine's Day. Wade's second short story is as delightful as her first one, "Do you Hear What I Hear?"

Two Ways to Die 
A Java Jarvis Thriller

Available on Audio - 7hrs-59min

Erin Wade’s best yet. With more twists than a moonshine run in the Kentucky hills, “Two Ways to Die” is a cliff hanger you’ll think about long after you finish the last page. You’ll fall in love with Java Jarvis and Kat Lace as they scorch the pages with their desire for one another. Another #1 Bestseller for Erin. Java Jarvis is like no heroine you’ve ever met. The kind of woman every girl wants to meet at least once in her lifetime. She’s every woman’s dream and every criminal’s nightmare.

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Short Story

Detective Kaden Snow's last major case of the year may be her worst nightmare as she runs against time to locate a missing teenage girl lured to an unhappy ending by internet pedophiles. With Christmas just four weeks away Kaden knows much will fall through the cracks due to the holidays. Putting her faith in her rugged police dog Boss, Kaden leaves no stone unturned in her efforts to locate the missing girl. Things become complicated when Kaden falls in love with ninth-grade high school principal Ashley Benton. Smart and dedicated, Ashley finds herself drawn to the beautiful detective but too much stands in the way of their happiness. Ashley's secret presents Kaden's greatest challenge. Kaden's distress increases as she realizes that the only woman she has ever loved may not be obtainable. Lesbian short story for Christmas

Assassination Authorized

Available on Audio - 7hrs-51min

For five years Special Agent Jericho Parker has hidden in the shadows watching psychiatrist Mecca Storm, keeping her safe, removing obstacles from her path and silently falling in love with her but Mecca doesn't even know Jericho exists.
Jane Doe is brought into the emergency room so badly beaten she is unrecognizable and doesn't even know her own name. Surgeon Kadence Pride vows to restore the petite woman to her former beauty. Follow the two couples as they discover each other while trying to avoid terrorists who have sworn to avenge a brother's death by taking the lives of the women.


Shakespeare Under Cover

Available on Audio
When a serial killer targeted members of the university’s athletic staff, Regan was swept into murder, intrigue, and danger where nothing was as it seemed. Still dealing with the horrific murder of the last man she dated, Regan is overwhelmed by the constant attention from one of her female students. Was Brandy courting her or stalking her?


  Wrongly Accused

 Available on Audio

When esteemed surgeon Dawn Fairchild is wrongly accused of vehicular manslaughter, her world is turned up side down. Sentenced to two years in a federal women's prison Dawn encounters a side of life she didn't know existed. Caged with drug addicts, killers and rapist, she is surprised when her knight in shinning armor is a scrawny, scrappy redhead serving time for drug addiction and prostitution. A woman she couldn't bring herself to shake hands with for fear of touching her. You will laugh, cry, and cheer for these two unlikely friends as they navigate the horrors of a prison run by a no-nonsense warden with her own plans for Dr. Dawn Fairchild.

The Roughneck & the Lady
Available on Audio
71 Consecutive Days as #1 on
Amazon's Bestseller's
List Action/Adventure

When Care-flight delivered a roughneck to Dr. Heather Hunter's trauma unit, it turned her world upside down. Heather found herself in love with someone her mother found socially unacceptable. Someone whose job was so dangerous Heather fought falling in love to avoid a broken heart. Little did she know that her loved one was courting danger far deadlier than working on an oil rig. In the fast-moving, hard-loving, world of Texas oil tycoons and terrorists hell bent on destroying the Texas oil industry Dr. Hunter finds love in the fast lane breath taking and indescribably satisfying.
     Trinidad Winfield was to women what the Silver Ghost was to the Rolls-Royce: one-in-a-million and beyond gorgeous.
     “It was like wrapping my legs around a tornado; wild and raging and satisfying. Do you know you growl when you reach a certain point? It’s very animalistic and so damn sexy. I just wanted to clamp my legs around you and suck you in.”

Don't Dare the Devil

Available on Audio
35 Consecutive Days as #1 on
 Amazon's Bestseller's List

   Eden was certain a cold wind blew into the office as the woman stepped from the elevator. She was tall and incredibly beautiful. Her mane of thick dark hair billowed around her face as if battling for a place to rest on her shoulders. Piercing blue eyes and perfectly shaped red lips completed the look of beauty and power.
   “Here’s Agent Knight now.” Canton nodded in deference to the woman who dominated the room. Without taking their eyes off the brunette, Rose and Dozer slipped into the elevator and punched the button to close the doors.
   Agent Knight arched perfect brows as she scanned Eden Daye from head to foot. “He took your sister?” Knight’s sultry voice hummed. “It seems he left the best one behind.”
   Eden couldn’t break the gaze of the mesmerizing blue eyes—now an emerald green—that seemed to pierce her soul. Agent Knight was spellbinding. She had the face of an angel but everything about her screamed power. Her black jumpsuit hugged a perfect body. The knee boots she wore looked as if they could be lethal weapons under the right conditions. Nine-millimeter Glocks rested in the holsters strapped to her hips. Agent Knight was both breathtaking and terrifying.

Living Two Lives

Available on Audio

To the lesbian literary community, she was flamboyant, best-selling author, Darcy Lake. To everyone else, she was something entirely different. When Jules Divine attended the National Lesbian Writers Convention to get autographs from her favorite author, she had no idea she would be drawn into a world of cat-fight competition, intrigue, passion and murder. 
Jules Divine had nursed a crush on lesbian author Darcy Lake from the first moment she saw the author’s photo. Beautiful, charismatic and elusive, Lake was adored by millions, but known by few. Was she what she appeared to be or a promoter’s ultimate well-crafted success. Jules weaves her way through the maze of the ruthless literary world to uncover murders and liars. Her life would never be the same after spending a weekend with Darcy Lake.

Too Strong to Die

Available on Audio

Don’t miss this epic tale of two women fighting for their beliefs and trying to find common ground in their personal lives. One reviewer called this fast paced, action romance, “Die Hard for Lesbians.”
Texas Ranger Ricky Strong is chasing a vicious serial killer that has left no clues.  Her life becomes more complicated when one of the victims is the missing sister of ultra-conservative Senator Christine Richmond.  Their lives become more entwined when Ricky is assigned to protect the headstrong senator on her goodwill tour of the Texas border.  The President gives Senator Richmond the impossible task of working with the Mexican government to build the wall along the Texas border.  A task that puts her in the crosshairs of the Mexican drug cartel.  Ricky and Christine embark on a journey that is sometimes dangerous, sometimes funny, but always exciting and hair-raising. The two strive to maintain their "friendship" as they become embroiled in situations that could destroy their careers.  The two face life and death as they battle to keep each other alive.Fast action and romance make this one of the top romantic thrillers of the year.

Death Was too Easy
Available on Audio 6hrs-33mins

The court orders brilliant defense attorney Mandy Kincaid to handle the death penalty appeal of Lisa Mercer, a woman accused of killing her three small children. Mandy uncovers evidence that proves the woman is innocent. Mandy’s biggest problem is that Lisa insists that she did murder her children. Femme fatale Jordon Kiser is the owner of the top private investigation firm in town.  Mandy hires her to uncover the truth about the deaths of the children. As Jordon works closely with Mandy,  the beautiful detective awakens feelings that surprise and terrifies the defense attorney. Ambitious Assistant District Attorney Rick Randolph is determined to convince the jury that Lisa is guilty of the heinous crime.  While fighting to see that the young mother receives the death penalty, Rick finds that he has fallen in love with Mandy Kincaid.  Torn between a puritanical world where women marry men and her desire to be with Jordon, Mandy's professional and personal life is turned upside down as she and Jordon race the clock to save their client from death row. A volatile love triangle, an implausible killer, and twisted twists make this one of the best suspense romance thrillers of the year.

Three Times as Deadly

Available on Audio

When Sloan Cartwright awakens in an African hospital with no memory, she is astounded to find three beautiful women claiming to be her wife. An attempt on her life makes her realize that her biggest problem is not which woman is her wife, but who wants to kill her and why. She discovers that she holds secrets that will topple governments and bring down illegal poachers in Africa. The only problem is that Sloan can’t remember where she hid the evidence. Sloan quickly realizes that she must trust one of the women to help her escape Africa. Which one will it be? Wife Number One: Amarosia (Amy) Cartwright, a beautiful Halle Berry look-a-like who tells Sloan that they have been married for five years and make their home in Africa. Wife Number Two: Leigh Redding Cartwright, blonde, wholesome, girl-next-door beauty who obviously adores Sloan and claims they have been married for seven years and live in New York. Wife Number Three: Alexandra Roland Cartwright, gorgeous international business mogul who has flown into Africa to take her wife home with her. Sloan isn’t sure it is her the women want or the evidence she has hidden. You will laugh and cheer for Sloan as she juggles the three beauties while trying to stay alive and       escape from a country where everyone wants her dead. 

The Destiny Factor

Available on Audio 6hrs-1min

Renny James thought she was falling in love with her boss then she met his wife. Renny was totally unprepared for the beauty and charisma of Vivian Rockmore. The electricity between the two women was undeniable but too many obstacles stood between them. We are each the master of our own destiny, aren’t we? That was the mantra of Renny James as she fought her way out of poverty and rose to the ranks of the rich and glamorous. Clean sheets were Renny's criteria for success. A brilliant student, she knew a college education would get her out of the horrible poverty in which she lived. Nothing would stop her from achieving her goals. Determined to distance herself from the filth and hopelessness that marked her youth, Renny worked hard and wasted no time on things like family or friends. Raised by a mother whose only thought was about where she would find her next boyfriend, Renny learned to fend for herself. She knew education and hard work were her tickets to a better life.
Brad and Vivian Rockmore introduced Renny to the world of beautiful people, cruise ships, and private jets. At twenty-eight, Renny had realized all her goals. She had no idea her ambition would land her in jail for murdering the only person she had ever loved. Erin Wade takes the reader on a fast-paced ride in her murder mystery/romance with a twist. If you like a good suspense-filled novel, you will love The Destiny Factor.

Branded Wives
Available on Audio
Detective Ash Denton and her forensic psychiatrist wife Lana are baffled when beautiful women in their town are targeted by a serial killer. The killer brands each woman that dies.  Unlike the movies, the case load of Mrs. and Mrs. Denton isn't just the Branded Wives case. Follow Ash and Lana as they track an internet pedophile ring, a drug cartel and the killer of a young prostitute. Ash faces death daily, but learns the true feeling of fear when the serial killer targets her wife, the woman that makes her life worth living



Novels by
Donna Raider
website: www.donnaraider.com

All of Donna Raider's books are available on Kindle Unlimited.


This lesbian action/adventure thriller continues the saga of Mika and Leah Cross. Angel Mika and Witch Leah move their family to a small Texas town where things appear to be peaceful. They are welcomed with friendly handshakes and warm smiles but what is hiding behind those smiles? Mika begins the task of building a church but soon encounters rabid religious persecution. As town citizens begin to disappear Leah realizes that something Beyond Evil is engulfing their community. The discovery made by their oldest daughter shines a spotlight on the eternal lovers and causes people to ask Leah, "How old are you?" A question she would rather not answer. You'll gasp, laugh and cry as the witch and angel try to defend their love and family against an evil determined to destroy them all.


A Touch of Murder is the fourth novel in the saga of Mika and Leah Cross. Mika is an angel and Leah is a witch who have found eternal love in spite of their differences. An ancient evil lurks in the background as our lovers make the decision to leave New York and move to a safer place. But there may be no safe place for them in this world.

Marked for Murder - Book 3 - $9.95
Available on Audio

Donna Raider ramps up the action and suspense with Marked for Murder. Priest Mika Cross strives to keep her family safe when accidents begin to happen to those in power in the church. Secrets are revealed. An ancient serial killer rises to exact his own brand of retribution and our lovers are caught in the middle of something they can't stop.



A Twist of Fate - Book 2 - $9.95
Available on Audio

Sometimes even Angels have to get their hands dirty!
Leah and Mika battle the forces of hell for one another. Sacrifices are made to save a life. A twist of fate tore them and their world apart. Could one of them, alone, put it back together again?



A Twist in Time - Book 1 - $9.95
Available on Audio

They lived in two different worlds. Leah was a wicked queen--the epitome of evil. Mika was a woman of God--a priest in 22nd-Century America. Both fought the
attraction that threatened to destroy them. Their love was plagued by demons and curses. A twist in time brought them together testing Mika's faith and Leah's strength. Romance, action and adventure combine to make this one of the best novels of the year.


1 & 2 for just $9.99

This Box Set contains Book 1, "A Twist in Time" and Book 2, "A Twist of Fate" of the Two Different World Series the complete story of Mika and Leah Cross. The epic love story of lovers from two different worlds. Mika is an angel, neither female nor male, but an entity from heaven where there is no such thing as gender. Mika first appeared to Leah as a man. Leah killed him. Mika’s second attempt at wooing the beautiful witch was as a woman. Leah fell in love with her thus Mika has retained the female form. The lovely Leah is the most powerful witch in the world. Her love for Mika gives her the strength to overcome her occasional desire to do wicked things to her adversaries.
The two immortals are just beginning their lives together and learning about one another. You will love and laugh with the two as they take on the evils of this world. You'll cringe and cheer as Leah reverts to her evil ways in order to save her wife and children. If you like non-stop action, romance and karma, you will love this series.





Copyright: Wade Write Publishing 2021

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